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Some ideas for picking a Headcovering.

When looking for a headcovering, consider your reason for wearing one and what would likely work best for you in fit and comfort. Some woman wear a head covering at all times, day and night.Others only occasionally or when going out etc. The best thing is to find a hair covering that works for you and your individual headcovering needs. You might want to try a few different styles, or talk to friends to see what has worked for them and why. Speak to a close freind of yours and exchange or share coverings with them to see what works best for you. What doesn't work for one, may work well for you!

Remember: that differences in head shape, head size, how the hair is worn, hair type, are all a lot of variables in how a headcovering will fit and it will fit each person differently. Even a small difference in one of the above, can give a different look and fit. So it can be difficult to make one head covering that fits everyone the same. Try a few styles that "talk" to you and have fun with them.


Ladies may wear headcoverings for a variety of reasons. The Tichel Shop carries head coverings products that are designed for those that cover for hair loss, religious reasons, medical reasons, or any other reason.