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Some of our many satisfied customers, would like to share their comments.

Feb. 9 2023
G.m. just got my order last night.
I'm wearing now the grey beanie just want to say I love it. So soft and comfy.
TYSM Lakewood NJ

Jan. 1 2023
There was a lovely selection of pre-tied tichels - I couldn't make up my mind.... But, of course, I did finally! Thanks for shlepping to Waterbury! Thank you for helping us to do the Mitzvah of covering our hair - in style! Kol Tuv.
Deena R. Waterbury CT

Sep. 08 2022
Got my order! Thank you so much for gifting the tichel - that was beyond sweet of you!!!! I recently stopped wearing snoods and the tichel is an awesome addition to my tichel collection. ;)
Ayala Z. Brooklyn NY

Apr. 13 2022
(From our vendor down under)
Thank you Chaya for the beautiful hats. I can feel nice on yomtov with beautiful new hats. The hats are so soft, comfortable and look great.
Melbourne Australia

Feb. 2 2022
I ordered the black now I have both. I Wore it to shul yesterday with little black boots everyone loved it and my husband . Most people in my community can't wear x small it's the best dress so now I have both colors thank you
Florida Happy Customer

Dec. 3 2021
gave my sisters the mules I ordered from u last night & they absolutely loved them!
thanks again for all your help
Customer Five Towns

Nov. 7 2021
Thank you!!!
I received my 3 tichels today and I wanted to tell you how happy the lollipop on the inside made me! I don't even eat them but I had such a long and stressful week at work that the lollipop truly brought a smile to my face. And of course the tichels did also!
Such a "sweet" gesture.
Thank you.
Ruth G. Massachusets

Oct. 13 2021
Good evening rivkah.
The order arrived this morning and very delighted the pre tieds.
Thanku so much
Raizel L. Manchester UK

Oct. 12 2021
Thank you so much for your help with the beenie sizing. It arrived today and it's perfect!!
Love the 2 dresses too!!
Shira T. Spring Valley NY

Jun. 27 2021
I received the shoes, I am so excited to wear it they are stunning!!!
Norit B. Miami Beach

Apr. 3 2021
I meant to text all day to say Thank you!! You and your husband are amazing! I've never shopped at any store and got the amazing service I got today! From you texting and calling and then doing a facetime try on to your husband following up with the shipping and re weighing to make sure the shipping charges were correct.....I have no words!!
What else can I buy😀😀😀
R.S. Toronto Canada

Apr. 2021
Just got my shipment!!!!
You have been covering my hair since I got married and it's been too long since I ordered I feel like a human again with my nice covering. Fantastic quality!!! The waffle headbands are everything!!!

Mar. 24 2021
Hi just got the tichel i ordered. Thanks so much for making it so easy and quick. The handwritten note was so nice. Have a good shabbos
Mar. 17 2021
Just received my package, love it !!! Thanks again for your wonderful service and for my gift 馃巵!!!!
Mar.13 2021
Hi wonderful!!!You've been so helpful!!!
Love shopping with you!!!Good Shabbos
Jan. 9 2021
Thank you so much for the order!
I am literally obsessed with everything that arrived and have been wearing it non stop. Your customer service and quick shipping, the whole experience was amazing thank you!
R.S. Elizabeth, NJ
Jan. 6 2021
Hey Rivka! I just want to thank you for the shoes! They arrived yesterday and are beyond what I imagined! Stunning and super comfortable!
Thank you so much! And Thanks for the sweet letter!
All the best!
Bluma K. Brooklyn NY
Jan. 5 2021
Hi. It's Ruchie G.
I just received my order..the tichels are so soft and pretty and I love the burgundy slippers!! Txsm!!
Ruchie G. Queens NY.
Nov. 16 2020
I love them! Thank you so much for working with me. I find buying clothes so tedious and I really needed a couple new dresses that I know I would not have bought without your help. They fit perfectl.
Aviva B.
Oct. 29 2020
I have to say I love this dress! And I get so many compliments! And it鈥檚 perfect for maternity you were right!
Julia S.
July 23 2020
Hey I placed an order. You have a great selection and I am picky with tichels as I hardly wear them!
Rivka K. Lakewood NJ.
June 19 2020
Just got my pretied tichels in the mail. I love them. Thank you !! Good Shabbos.
Abigail Passaic NJ.
June 4 2020
Thank you! Looking forward to wearing the new gear on my ZOOM days. You are always quick pleasant and amazing!
Stay safe and healthy!

May 3 2020
Dear Rivka,
I just want to thank you. First, I really do not love wearing tichels. I have quite a few, but I just don't like wearing them. But, I LOVE the ones I get from the Tichel Shop. I have actually been wearing tichels almost every day during the past month. Thank you so much for that!
I also appreciate how fast you get the orders out and how soon they get to me. In this time, that is not so common. I also want to thank you for the headband. It wasn't a color I would have chosen and I LOVE IT!!!!! I have gotten so many compliments on it. It was so sweet of you to include that.
Have a wonderful week - stay safe and I'm sure you will be hearing from me soon! Tanya F.
very satisfied client
Apr. 28 2020
Hi my name is Kaila H. and I just bought tichels from u. I appreciate ur service and the tichels came pretty quickly. Thank u. And thanx for the note u wrote. Thannx again
Kaila H. Texas
Apr. 23 2020
Just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the black dress I got today. I ordered it yesterday in the morning and got it 24 hours later! That is amazing Service! 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍 Thanks again
Zlata Brooklyn, NY
Apr. 23 2020
I got my package !! I love everything! Thank you.
Tiffany L. Miami Florida
Tiffany Jan. 16 2020
Nice to meet you Rivki. Thank you so much for being so helpful and accommodating. Shabbat Shalom.
Smadar Queens, NY
Jul. 11 2018
Hi, Rivka. I like my new knot snoods very much! Please notify me when you have even more colors available. They are beautiful and so comfortable.
S.... Kansas City
Aug. 21 2014
"Thank you very much for such prompt service. I received my 4 new tichels in just a couple days after ordering. I was amazed how quickly you processed my order. I am very happy with the colors and can't wait to wear all of them. The extra gift was a delightful surprise. I will tell my friends how happy I am with your service and will be ordering again from you."
Electra Astoria, OR
Jul. 24 2014
"I received my tichels today . Thanks. Perfect.
Cheryl K. Highland Park, NJ
Mar. 25 2014
"Just want to thank you for the ribbon snood. It arrived really quickly. I love it. It's unique, voluminous, pretty, and most importantly, comfortable for the house. Thanks!!!!"
Shira Brooklyn, NY
Feb. 24 2014
"Dear Rivka, I got my most recent order of 3 tichels today, and I love that 2 of them are so nice and thin, perfect for warm summer weather. Last summer, before I had found your store, I spent most of the summer with sweaty head because back then I was wearing scarves that were quite warm on my head. With these nice thin material ones of yours, I won鈥檛 have to worry about personal discomfort this summer! Bless you!"
Ann W. Everett, WA
Jan. 9 2014
"Thanks so much, I appreciate that. You have a great website and excellent service, will definitely recommend!"
Shevi B.Brooklyn NY
Dec. 22 2013
"Hi Rivka, Thank you so much for the extra tichel. I am new to covering my hair, and I am starting from scratch, so your gift is a blessing. By the way, I LOVE covering my hair. I did not think I would love it like this.Thanks you so much" Pat H. Washington DC
Oct. 10 2013
"Just got another package...I just LOVE you, Tichel Shop! Thank you VERY much for the extra goodies! I suggest to everyone and anyone looking to buy nice quality scarves!"
Amanda G. Carlow Ireland
Oct. 8 2013
"Just checked...didn't see turquoise. I would love it if you had it, You are a joy to do business with! Love all of my Tichels from you!"
Melanie H. Peyton CO
"Such quick shipping! Placed order on Wednesday night, and got my new scarves today! So excited to wear them - one at a time! (And thanks for the hair bow too)"
Vanessa B. Boca Raton, FL
"Rivka! I received my order Tuesday! SO quick & SO beautiful!!! I couldn't be more happy! Thank you!!!
Melanie H. Peyton, Co
"Thanks for the add! I just received our package of tichels today and I love them! Thank you!
Amanda G. Carlow, Ireland
"Thank you so much!
I got my order VERY FAST! Thank you! I love everything! Love & Blessings!"
"I just rec'd my order and love, love the tichels and berets! Everything is so beautiful.
I just wanted to mention that there was a green tichel in my package that I did not order.
Can I mail it back to you? (Reply: That was a bonus free tichel for you)

Thank you! Can't wait to order again! Good Shabbos
Sabrina W. Fredrick MD
"Got my order yesterday - beautiful! Thank you for such great service,
especially when the customer messed up the order! And thanks for the little treat - that made me smile!
Happy Thanksgiving! Will definitely be checking back for more beautiful things!"
Tracy T. Gillette WY
"Even during a storm, the customer service is incredible!
I placed my order, not even realizing where the shop was located until I called.
They were so sweet and professional, even in the middle of all the chaos.
I received my order today. Thank you so much! I will be ordering again."
Dyana V. Terrell TX

"My new tichel arrived erev Shabbos. Thanks for the great service and the lollipop. "
Tova G. Lakewood NJ
"Beautifull Tichels and fastest service ever wow, orderd last thursday
and I already recieved the order they are all beautifull,
Thank you so much for the free tichel added beautifull thank you... Y.C.B. Woodhaven, MI
"Hi Rivka, I've received the tichels and I thank you, they're really beautiful.
I found an extra-tichel in the bag and I thank you for your kindness so much!
Also found a candy in the bag! as here in Italy I've never received a candy together with something I ordered,
I see it for the first time and consider it a very pretty and kind way to seal a shipment. So thanks again and, best regards.
Veronica Conti Italy
"Really glad to have found the tichel shop, as I love the selection of Israeli tichels."
R.L. Brooklyn, Ny
"Berets that are both comfortable and stylish, were usually hard to find, until I found your website."
B.W. Atlanta, GA
"I just received my order, and I only placed it yesterday! It's as if you hand delivered it to me. Thanks for the quick service."
Gitti L. Lawrence, NY
"Hello,I'm Gitti L. sister and she brought me a tichel from your shop when she came for Pesach. I love it! You have a beautiful selection and I'm looking forward to shopping with you again. All the best."
" Rivka keep at it. I love the variety of headcoverings that you pick out, and sell.
Ron B. Milwaukee, WI