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Head scarves, which can be called

Tichels, bandanas, Mitpachas ,Snoods, Head scarfs, Kerchiefs, Mitpacha, Pashmina, Pre tied tichels Beanie berets
Head wraps, Berets, chenille snoods in many colors

All here at The Tichel Shop. "Headcoverings in many styles, colors, and designs."

Once upon a time someone had a vision that would change the way women would cover their hair. Why should it be hard forladies to find head coverings that were both stylish and comfortable? Born out of that idea came "The Tichel Shop" where women could find the greatest selection of Israeli tichels, as well as snoods, berets, and lots of other hair covering products. All easily available at their fingertips.

We have traveled the world searching for a vast selection of headscarves for you. Let us be your personal tichel shopper! We are your 1 stop shop for tichels and other head coverings online.We also carry no slip bands for wigs (shaitels) and falls, bows and other hair accessories for girls. If there are any hair covering products that you would like us to carry, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your online tichel shopping experience.
Second only to our Israeli tichel collection (of which we have the greatest online selection), we have a great choice of berets.

The Tichel Shop has:
Mia Mod Skater Skirts
Tichel Volumizers
angora berets,
knit berets,
beanie berets,
fur berets,
leopard print berets,
cotton berets,
pom pom knitted berets,
sequined berets, as well as caps.
New products that we now have in stock.
Ladies Modest Swimwear
Black chenille snoods, navy blue chenille snoods, brown chenille snoods, denim chenille snoods, purple chenille snoods, gray chenille snoods, and olive chenille snoods. We also have lined sequined snoods which are very popular right now. Black and gray pearl snoods (summer weight chenille) are back in stock.
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