Instructions for tying your Tichel (Head Scarve), the easy way.

This is your tichel - folded like a square.
picture of a folded tichel
Completely open your tichel
picture of unfolded tichel
Fold in half crosswise to form a large triangle.
picture of tichel folded in triangle
Drape tichel over your head with the point facing back and in the middle.
drape tichel over head Back view of tichel point
Move center point up out of the way. Take the two outer ends of the triangle and knot them behind your head.
move tichel point asideTie your tichel
Now take center point and tuck underneath the knot.
tuck the tichel point underneath
That's it for the simple tying of yout tichels.
picture your finished tichel Picture of finished tichel.

Have fun tying and wearing your tichel. Don't be afraid to experiment with ways to tie your head scarf on your own.