The Tichel Shop
The source for head coverings.

Pictures of some of our Israeli tichels.(Also called mitpachot, mitpachat, headscarf, or head scarve.)

Shimmering tichels

powder blue shimmering tichel purple shimmering tichel blue with orange spots animal shimmering tichel blue tiger print shimmering tichel orange shimmering animal print tichel red animal print shimmering tichel black solid shimmering tichel white solid shimmering tichel

Basic lurex tichels

black basic lurex tichel with print black basic lurex tichel blue basic lurex tichel with pattern blue basic lurex tichel orange basic lurex tichel with pattern yellow basic lurex tichel yellow basic lurex tichel with pattern white basic lurex tichel with pattern

Fancy tichels

pink thin line fancy cotton tichel brown thin line fancy cotton tichel cream paisley pattern fancy cotton  headscarf green paisley pattern fancy cotton tichel Cream with flowers fancy tichel black with flowers fancy headscarf olive mini flowers tichel black mini flowers headscarf

Fancy tichels

pink plaid fancy tichel purple squares big tichel black and white tichel green plaid headscarf green tichel with pom poms Peachy background with flowers tichel blue two tone tichel black and white big squares tichel

Fancy tichels

purple extra fancy tichel black extra fancy tichel with tassles beach blue extra fancy headscarf red basic animal print tichel Spotted basic animal print tichel pink animal basic tichel light green thin line fancy cotton tichel green pretty flowers tichel